Fixing Jekyll --watch and 404 errors

When you edit drafts locally, a very handy Jekyll feature is the –watch flag, which triggers Jekyll to rebuild whenever you save your post:

$ bundle exec jekyll serve --drafts --incremental --watch

However, on my Ubuntu 16.04 desktop, this yields erratic 404 errors.

jekyll 404

After cursing Jekyll for a few weeks, I decided to dig into it using my favorite tool strace. And indeed, Jekyll removes the draft after a save. When run with --verbose, it becomes clear:

Skipping: _drafts/ has a future date

I added some debug to lib/jekyll/readers/post_reader.rb and it appears that the file’s ctime is a few microseconds off from the its mtime. Curious?

A quick fix is to run Jekyll with the --watch --future option.

A thorough fix probably involves digging into the internals of my ecryptfs home folder (which is a standard Ubuntu feature by the way).

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