Willem de Groot

Researcher, DFIR consultant & malware hunter

I ran an ecommerce tech company for years, which thought me a lot about machines and humans. Both break all the time, but humans are more resilient.

After leaving my company (in goods hands), I pursued my other passion: online security & privacy. The world races to become dependent on complex, autonomous systems. And with complexity come mistakes. I hope to avert a little bit of collective risk every day. And in this context I share one of my favorite tweets:

I work in IT, which is the reason our house has:
- mechanical locks
- mechanical windows
- routers using OpenWRT
- no smart home crap
- no Alexa/Google Assistant/...
- no internet connected thermostats— 🖖Jochen Mader 🇪🇺 (@codepitbull) January 19, 2019

I have a particular interest in online payment fraud and have been tracking methods, victims and perpetrators since 2015. I am also the founder of online Magento health scanner MageReport (sold in 2016) and the open source Magento Malware Scanner.

Some coverage of my work

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